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This hypergrowth, driven mainly by word of mouth, is now attracting competitors.South Korea's Cyworld started out as a social-networking site, but has evolved into a two-dimensional equivalent of Second Life, claiming 20 million registered users from Asia to Latin America.Richard Branson's Virgin recently announced plans to create its own 3-D community called A World of My Own.By 2011, four of every five people who use the Internet will actively participate in Second Life or some similar medium, according to Gartner Research, which recently did a study looking at the investment potential of virtual worlds."It's no game—it's a serious tool." Rhonda Lillie and Paul Hawkins live thousands of miles apart—she in California, he in Wales—and until this week, had never met face to face.

Women in trendy ball gowns and men in miniskirts dance to Bon Jovi.Her business, Anshe Chung Studios, with a staff of 60, buys virtual property and builds homes or other structures that it rents or sells to other denizens of Second Life.Keep up with this story and more When San Francisco software developer Philip Rosedale dreamed up the idea for Second Life in 1998, he never imagined that it might have such an impact on the world at large.Anshe Chung is a virtual land baroness with a real-life fortune.The woman behind the Anshe avatar is Ailin Graef, a former language teacher living near Frankfurt, Germany.

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A standard plot/Myth Arc for Speculative Fiction: The Ordinary High-School Student, frequently his friends, and sometimes his enemies are all transported (often summoned) to another world — distant planet, a Magical Land, Alternate Universe, the past, The Future — where they find they have an important role to play in Events of Significance that are occurring at the same time as (or sometimes because of) their arrival.

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