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Our investors own the land In fee-title and their partners are investing .1 billion in this project and I am Vice Chairman of the Executive Board that has the contract agreement to develop this organic state of the art facility. Besides that I am a consultant to FBI and Infraguard on transportation cyber security.

Susie Crego Dougherty and husband George who just celebrated their 33rd anniversary. With all of our kids living in other cities, we travel to see them often, as well as, taking other trips just for fun. Louis still offers us the opportunity to be with old friends and to make new ones, too.

Marvina and Ken Kastner and retired and so are Francine and husband Marc. Rushmore Rob is helping to raise his grandson Jack who is 12 and has Rob's skating skills. Francine Friedman Cohn, husband Marc and sons Ben and Bart on Thanksgiving in St. Some fun pictures of Steve Nielson who is retired and lives in Alexandria, Va with wife Carol. Here is what he says about this photo: "Here is a picture from our family reunion in July in Alexandria. Chuck, Jim and Marilyn Carolee and Jim Helen Ziercher and Sam Bertolet who live in Clayton, Mo on a Baltic cruise in mid-July. Marilyn and husband were on their way from Colorado to Seattle and stopped in Portland, OR to see Betty Lee. Marilyn, husband Brent and Marilyn's brother Richard, a Ladue '62 grad. Susan was Head of Nursing at Jewish Hospital School of Nursing. She recently toured England and is with another tour member at Stonehenge.

Rob and family will go to Israel for Jack's Bar Mitzvah. Dinner in Clayton, Helen Ziercher and Sam Berlotet with Bob Lurie and Susan Graves. She then met with a young Hungarian man who was a student of her 10 years ago and now lives in London.

Helen is retired and getting ready to move from her home in St. Bonnie works as a teacher for a cosmetics company, is active in her church in St. Bonnie Frederich Halls, Helen Ziercher, Francine Friedman Cohn.

Helen is PROBABLY going to retire in May from Wash U Med School. Marilyn Ham Coffman and husband Chuck are retired, travel and keep busy with family.

Francine and husband Marc recently sold their Oregon home and plan to spend half the year in St. Kitchen crew: pat Peeper Klein, Betty Jacobsen Burkhardt, Helen Ziercher, Joan Rothaus O'Brien Pat volunteers at health care facilities and her church. Helen is ALWAYS traveling and vows to retire from Wash U. Marcia Coltman Pass getting lunch ready with Betty Lee. Tom and Michaela (Mike)Hector Tom tries to fit working for me in my courier businesses with as many fishing trips as he can plan!Bill is coming to our house in Melbourne Beach, before the end of the baseball season to see my baseball collection.We are becoming good friends and my brother in law Ethan Shepley (who roomed with George H W Bush at Yale for 4 years got him into Yale law school in less than a day, which he appreciates to this day!So subsequently the Last Word posed a second question.Does any reader know why alternating blades makes each one last longer?

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