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"People kept saying I'm only lucky because I have the face.Maybe that could be true in the beginning, but you need to have something more to last this long.I have to thank the very good editors for editing the scenes to make my parts watchable," he says with a chuckle. I don't have a lot of confidence in myself, but I thought if they saw something in me, then maybe I should just try it out," he says.Months later, the broadcaster offered him a three-year artist contract. At the time, he was wearing braces to fix his "Dracula fangs", which hindered his speech somewhat for his first few roles., he gets clearly agitated when broaching the topic of Media Corp's crop of eight popular young TV actors, comprising Xu Bin, Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan, Aloysius Pang, Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pow, Ian Fang and Zhang Zhenhuan. I honestly don't understand it," he says with a frown, sitting up suddenly."I've already gone past the phase that they are going through now, so I wouldn't compare myself with them and it irritates me when people compare me with them." After the interview, the 34-year-old suddenly raises the subject again on his own accord.

In Cambodia, in particular, he has become a big star, gracing its local magazine covers (as seen on the right) and holding frenzied fan meets.

"You also need character and perseverance and lots of tough, hard work.

Other actors have come and gone, but I'm still here, right?

Sometimes, I'll ask the producers if I can try playing a bad boy, but they'll say I should just keep playing the good guy because it suits my look," he says. Since I'm sort of boxed in this way, I hope I can find ways to bring subtleties to every good guy character I get and make the most of this box." No matter how hard he tried, however, the criticism just kept coming his way.

Audiences branded him "wooden" and speculated that he was coasting by only on his good looks.

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" he says with a laugh, referring to his endorsement commercials for the oralcare brand.

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  1. If I ever lost more, I wouldn't want somebody to not be attracted to me and I've heard stories of that. I think some of them are attracted to bigger guys, but actually I would say it's about half and half. I have had, I would say maybe once or twice, when I get kind of a funny look.