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The true victim count will forever be unknown and could be much higher than the number to which Bundy confessed.

Many of Bundy's young female victims regarded him as handsome and charismatic, which were traits that he exploited to win their trust.

He later complained to his girlfriend that Johnny wasn't his real father, "wasn't very bright", and "didn't make much money." Bundy had different recollections of Tacoma when he spoke to his biographers.

When he talked to Michaud and Aynesworth, he described how he roamed his neighborhood, picking through trash barrels in search of pictures of naked women.

He told a girlfriend that a cousin showed him a copy of his birth certificate after calling him a "bastard", In 1987, he and other family members told attorneys that Samuel Cowell was a tyrannical bully and a bigot who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics, and Jews.

Bundy's grandfather beat his wife and the family dog and swung neighborhood cats by their tails.

Johnny and Louise conceived four children of their own, and although Johnny tried to include his adoptive son in camping trips and other family activities, Ted remained distant.

He once threw Louise's younger sister Julia down a flight of stairs for oversleeping.

Ted occasionally exhibited disturbing behavior, even at that early age.

In 1971, he took a job at Seattle's Suicide Hotline Crisis Center, where he met and worked alongside Ann Rule.

Rule was a former Seattle police officer and aspiring crime writer who would later write one of the definitive Bundy biographies, The Stranger Beside Me.

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