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All the phone calls, text messages, letters, emails, and heart and gut wrenching pleas have failed.

You sense that your spouse is out the door and a part of you recognises the attempts are felt by him or her as pressure.

With your mate staring angrily at you, what opportunity do they get to look in the mirror, reflect, and take some responsibility for your marital breakdown? Here is your action plan based on The Last Resort Technique: 1. Immediately cease anything that your spouse might look at as pursuing behavior.

It is human nature – we all want to hold onto something that is important and dear to us.

However, the flip side to our humanity and animal instinct is, the party being chased or even hunted down will feel the need to escape when you coerce or pressure in response to feeling trapped.

OK, so you have tried everything, exhausted all your options, and feel hopeless and even helpless.

Now it is time to use the Last Resort Technique to save your marriage.

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When we are in survival mode, we will go into flight or fight mode.

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